Monday, April 23, 2012

The Lion with NO teeth

It is so easy to forget that we have an enemy, the devil.  I Peter 5:8,"Be sober minded, be watchful, your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.  Resist him, firm in your FAITH, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world."The one thing the devil seeks to destroy is  'OUR FAITH IN THE FINISHED WORK OF CHRIST.'.  

Fear, doubt and unbelief kept the Israelites out of the Promised Land. Even today, fear, doubt and unbelief will still keep us out of the promises of God.  Satan is a destroyer of our faith and we need to be aware of his subtleties. He will stop at nothing, especially, with our thought life. Thoughts of doubt, questioning the Word of God, "Did God say?"  It hasn't changed since the Garden.  He is the same devil bringing all kinds of lies about God and accusing Him.  

Circumstances may cause us to doubt God's goodness and love for us and we might start to agree with the evil one.  This is what he wants us to do. Before we know it, we are snared by fear and doubt. We fall into unbelief without even realizing it. Satan is still the deceiver. When we are deceived and fall into unbelief, we need to repent (change our mind) and bring all our thoughts once again into the captivity of Jesus Christ, the Word of God. It is the safest place to be and Jesus will protect us from the roaring Lion.

The Good News is, not only did Jesus die for our sins, but he also  was buried and raised again for our justification, BUT, Jesus' death and resurrection KICKED THE TEETH out of the Devil's mouth. He no longer has power or authority over our lives. Only what we give him.  He may roar, and make a big noise, but he has to bow to the Word of God.  Jesus demonstrated for us the power of the Word, when He was tempted in the wilderness. "It is written..." Matthew 4. Satan had to back down and leave Him alone, and so it is the same with us.  In the name of Jesus, Satan has to flee when he sees the BLOOD of Jesus over our lives.Believe and stand fast in the faith.  The finished work of Jesus Christ. "IT IS FINISHED" was His cry for you and me.

Satan is a lion with NO teeth but, Jesus is the LION OF JUDAH with ALL His teeth. (Revelation 5:5) I read the back of the book THE LION OF JUDAH HAS WON !!!


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