Saturday, September 22, 2012

A New Race

Once we believe, and by faith receive, God's love and forgiveness, it opens up a new world. A world foreign to all that we have known. A world where selfishness, pride, greed, envy , violence, and hatred do not rule but are swallowed up by His almighty love. A love that gives itself away for the other person.

In this God-love, meaning has been given to existence. The addictions and private hells that men and women have made for themselves by seeking to find meaning in the creature and the created are dismissed.  Jesus has been to the bottom of death and hell and come out of it in resurrection , bringing us with Him. In Him is a NEW HUMANKIND, in whom all things are possible.

To be joined to Him is to be reborn, to be part of the NEW RACE, to be alive with that eternal life, and to be a participant in that almighty love.  The way we were still HAUNTS us, and the world we were once apart of is all around us. But in Him, we have come to the ultimate reality.  The reality that is in Him makes that old life and our old selves to be seen for what they were, a shadow of true life, the WALKING DEAD  inhabiting the domain of darkness.

It was into a NEW COMPANY of people that the Spirit birth us into when we came into Christ. A company that is made up of men and women who all believe that He is the final reality.  A company (the body of Christ) who believe that the world they were once part of is FINISHED and in PROCESS of passing away. His love is stronger than selfishness and indifference. His life has swallowed up death and by us His glory will fill the earth as the waters cover the seas.

We gather with our people. This company of LOST PRODIGALS now found, forgiven , MADE NEW, and crazy with JOY at the thought of His love. they worship and and give thanks.  In our gathering and encouraging one another , the SPIRIT IS PRESENT, establishing us in the reality and causing the unreality to increasingly be seen for what it is. 

Out of death has come new life and a new race from every color and nation has been created. Now that really is a THOUGHT TO PONDER! 

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