Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Occasionally, the Lord will give me a poem to help me to understand a deep emotion that I have.suppressed. This time it was a spirit of FEAR.  My mind knew what the Word said, "Prefect love cast out all fear and those who fear have not YET been perfected in love". It helped to realize that I was still being perfected in His love, but I needed something more from my Lord Himself.  He gave me this poem to help reach my emotions and set me free from fear.Today, I KNOW that God loves me, and while I am still being perfected, at least I believe in His love for me and for you..

Love Came Knocking

Love came knocking
My heart was stone,
Fearful, afraid,
Left all alone.

Love come knocking, 

Again to say, 
"Let me love you, 
My much afraid"

Love came knocking, 

Against the tide,
confronting my fear,
Deep inside.

Love came knocking,

Persistent one,
To my corner,
Where fear had won.

Love came knocking

The battle fierce,
Penetrating, warm,
Arrows pierced.

Love came knocking,
Could I believe?
Relentless love,
Just you and me?

Love came knocking,

Gentle embrace,
My fear had faced,
Amazing grace.

Love came.....

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