Thursday, January 5, 2017

Grandparenting Book is Out!

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We are so excited .  After five years of much anticipation, our book is finally out!  We believe that the Lord is doing something more wonderful than we could ever fathom in restoring families.  God loves family; He created family for a reason. The Lord said that, "It is not right for man to live alone" (Genesis 2:18).  We pray  that this book will bless you and your generations to follow.

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  1. Dear Dottie,
    Congratulations for this wonderful endeavor that come to fruition. I ordered your book from Barns and Noble. God bless your ministry in all ways.

  2. Thank you Lynda and the Lord bless yours too

    1. Yay! Love that the book is out, Dottie! I can't think of two better people to share a legacy of grandparenting - bless your family and ministry!

    2. Thank you Verna.. it is always good to hear from you. I can learn from you and love to have tea some day with you. May the Lord bless your new endeavor with Lori.


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