Friday, September 14, 2012

Abba Father's love

One of the most endearing relationships that we can have with our  heavenly Father is 'Sonship'.  If you have ever been rejected, unwanted or abused by your earthly father, I can reassure you, YOU will never be rejected,  unwanted or ill treated by the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.  His father will NEVER reject or forsake you.  God wants you to truly know Him as your loving heavenly Father.  He is a Father who loves you fiercely and unconditionally.  He is a Father who watches over you lovingly and tirelessly.

God, our Father, is our Provider, the One who supplies all of our needs.  He is our refuge, Rock and protector. The One who shields us from all evil. He wants us to live life as His beloved child.  He wants us to run to Him like a little child, talk to Him about anything, and trust Him with everything.  The bible calls such a relationship with God the Spirit of Sonship.

In Romans 8:15, it says that you did not receive the spirit of bondage, but YOU have received the Spirit of Sonship, by whom you cry out "ABBA FATHER". I love that!  God is inviting us to enjoy a relationship with Him where we can easily cry out to Him, "Daddy, Father!"  This is the miracle of the new birth! We have a NEW daddy!! He will love us and not abandon or abuse us. He knows the situation in which He found us in this world and has brought us out to sit with Him in heavenly places in His Son, Jesus Christ.  His blood has cleansed us from all sin and we are clean, set apart to our God. ( Ephesians 2:4-10)

Beloved, if you are a son or a daughter of God, God wants you to see Him as your "Abba" or "Daddy".  Crying out "Daddy, Father!" fills your heart with such a confidence and blessed assurance that God is not just Almighty God, but also YOUR Daddy God.  He is YOUR heavenly Father who loves you unconditionally.  He is YOUR heavenly Father who wants to give you every good thing in life.

There is nothing like knowing our heavenly Daddy.  It is all because of the cross.  When Jesus cried out on the cross,"My God, my God why have you forsaken me," it was so that today, as God's sons and daughters, we can cry out, "Abba, Father, thank You for always  providing and protecting me from evil!"

Calling God "Abba" or "Daddy" removes any distance and breaks down every barrier between us and Him.  We lose any slavish fear of God and instead are emboldened to come boldly into His presence, to talk to Him freely and receive His help in time of need.

There have been times when I have been so stressed with life that all I can do is to call "Abba, Daddy"  I need you to intervene and to make sense out of the mess I have created."  Amazingly, He will come and will shortly give me some ideas that I can change or perhaps I need to ask forgiveness for my reactions.

I want to encourage you today to call upon God  with a great sense of intimacy. Call Him Daddy, Papa, or Abba and just speak to Him from your heart. He will answer you because you love His Son and you belong to Him. There is NO GREATER LOVE THAN GOD'S LOVE FOR US.


  1. Beautiful! Thanks, Dottie.


    1. Isn't it wonderful that we share the SAME Abby daddy and He loves us exactly for who we are and knows us personally? We have a faithful daddy God. Thanks Sherri for the encouragement.

  2. Hello Dottie -
    Bevy here. Would you be interested in joining in on the discussion, share any words of encouragement to the ladies over on my blog today? Mugs & Muffins...(Monday's post, with the guest post by Kelli S.)

    Come and share your thoughts. I'd love to have you join in.


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