Monday, April 18, 2016

The GIFT of Repentance

Have you ever thought of repentance as a gift?  Even as a young child, I never was very good admitting when I was wrong. When I did something that I knew my mother would not approve, I hated to say "I am sorry".  It just didn't come naturally.  My pride would never let me admit that I was wrong. There were times when I would rather be right then agreeable. I had no idea that I was a sinner in need of a savior. I knew that I did wrong things and tried to change my behavior and in many cases I did, but, I was never able to honestly repent and desire not to sin again.

One day a friend sat down with me and explained that 'repentance was a gift' from God and if I was having trouble repenting or understanding it, I should just ask the Lord for the gift. The days that followed were amazing, I came to see and understand that I WAS NOT A SINNER BECAUSE I SIN, BUT I SIN BECAUSE I AM A SINNER! I found that VERY liberating and the gospel of Jesus Christ was more clarified to me. 

Repentance is a powerful gift of the Holy Spirit and without Him we would NEVER be able to truly repent and be saved. Now when we sin,we can repent without condemnation and turn to God, because we KNOW that we are NOT in ADAM any longer. We have been completely forgiven.  We (sinner) have died in Christ and have been raised as a 'saint', one set apart to God forever.  Sinners sin but saints repent.

Amos 3:3 says, "How can two walk together unless they agree ".  There is a real freedom knowing that God's word is ALWAYS  right and that we can submit to Him.  To  admit when we are wrong, and confess our sin is no longer a problem. God is always right and has the last word. It is real freedom for our soul. 

There is NO ONE like our GOD. His word is eternal and no matter what we think about any situation, His word is  alive to convict, heal and deliver us. As we continue to learn His Word and obey it, He will  grant to us a great peace of mind.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Once a man had a dream. He was standing on a sandy beach looking out over the ocean.  He was holding an empty bottle of water in his hand, when he heard a voice say to him, "My son, what do you see?".  

He responded, "I see the ocean".

"You are right, my son. Now throw that empty bottle out into the ocean."  

So he threw the empty bottle of water out into the ocean . Then the voice said to him, "Now what do you see?"

" I see the ocean with an empty bottle of water bouncing on the top of the waves.  But wait, the bottle is disappearing.  I can't see it any more."

"You are right, my son.  The bottle is full of water and has sunk to the bottom. Now what do you see.?'

"All I see is the ocean."

Then the man woke up.  We wondered what that was all about.  After some thought and prayer,  this is what came to his mind, 

"The ocean is God, the Holy Spirit.  I am like that empty bottle bobbing around in God thinking that I am a Christian.  But when I saw myself disappearing into the ocean I then realized how important it is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  People would see Jesus  instead of me.  My whole life becomes more and more a desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit to glorify God and not myself. "

What a great dream..   To be filled with the Holy Spirit is a Pentecostal experience.  It is available for all believers.   When Jesus came out of the water of baptism of John, He was filled with the Holy Spirit. and then led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tested.  After passing the test He was ready to start His greatest works revealing the Kingdom of God.

 Without the filling of the Holy Spirit, we too as believers have no power to witness the resurrection of our Lord or to overcome this world, our flesh or the evil. one.  Thank you Jesus for showing us the way, the truth, the life and sending us the Holy Spirit.