Saturday, September 27, 2014

Jacob Prasch - Jesus in the Garden

Jacob Prasch is a Jewish believer who loves His Messiah.  I know you will be blessed.  He brings it all together from Genesis to Revelations.Take the time let the Lord speak to your heart.  He loves you

Thursday, September 18, 2014


It is exciting to me when the Lord reveals a new revelation of the truth. The last week I was watching a video by Jacob Prasch, a Hebrew scholar and a Messianic Jew. He is like a St. Paul and not afraid to speak the truth.  He tells it like it is.

On this particular video he explained the Hebrew interpretation between a pure heart vs a clean heart.  Jesus said in Matthew, "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God." In Psalm 51 King David says "create in me a clean heart".  Is there a difference?

He explained that the Kings James Bible got it wrong in Psalm 51 and why. King David was crying out for a pure heart-- a heart without mixture. David had a heart after God.  He did not want any mixture of the spirit of this world, his flesh or the devil in it. He knew that only God could create such a heart in him.  He loved the Word of God and desired nothing more then to obey His God with all his  heart, soul and might. 

A clean heart could imply a dirty heart made clean.  Even after many washing, the heart would be clean but not pure.  There was a difference and David knew it.  Only God could create such a heart--with a single minded, focus on the Lord and His glory. 

Now I have a better understanding of what Jesus meant when He said, "Blessed are the pure  in heart for they shall see God."  It is the mixture of this world, self and the devil that has kept me from seeing more of God.  I have been  double minded--in love with the world and the Lord at the same time.  The book of James says, "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Jesus asked Peter, "Who do you say I am."  he answered Him  "Thou art the Christ, son of the Living God." That is the truth without any mixture. This is the foundation we build our faith--Christ alone our cornerstone.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Recently I was cleaning out some files and I ran across the following word that the Lord gave to me in 1993.  Twenty years later is just as fresh and relevant as it was back then.

"My daughter, there will be times when you will walk in  dry and desert like places.  You will wonder, "Where did I go? Am I still with you?  Have I forsaken you?   You will miss Me and feel frightened because you  don't hear My voice. You will feel lonely, desperate, abandoned and rejected. I am sharing this now to prepare your heart for the days ahead.  In moments like these you will be able to identify with My sufferings.  I was rejected, lonely, forsaken and abandoned. But now, I am Your High Priest and I feel your infirmities.  There is no one in the whole world who loves you like I do. Look only to the cross and experience my death as yours.  All your pain and sorrow I have consumed into Myself at the cross. I have taken it.  Rejoice, my daughter, I am working out your salvation. You belong to me and I will protect you from evil."

A few days later, darkness did cover my soul.   I began to struggle with  unforgiveness. A close friend totally misunderstood me and started spreading a lie about me in the church.  It hurt.  I felt betrayed, abandoned, alone, and most of all rejected.  The lie spread and I could not stop it. I confronted my friend and tried to talk with her to no avail. 

Then I remembered the word of the Lord  a few days before.  He told me that that  I was going to experience the way of the cross.  I would be misunderstood, rejected and betrayed just like Jesus.  Why should I be surprised. But, I was. I had to ask myself,  how did Jesus handle unfair accusations and misunderstandings?

The answer was simply and uncomplicated--forgiveness. It was only a matter of forgiving my friend like Jesus forgave me-- "I forgive you. Dorothy, for you do not know what you did to me. It hurt, but I chose to forgive you." For the first time I understood a 'pinch of an inch' of the sufferings that Christ endured for my forgiveness. 

By the Grace of the Holy spirit, I was able to extend God's forgiveness to my friend as my own. I chose to believe, that if she knew how much she hurt me, she would not have told that lie.  The result was amazing.  Shortly after my forgiving her, she came to me with an apology.  The Lord's ways are so marvelous and too wonderful for comprehension.