Wednesday, January 17, 2018


Have you ever had a dream or a vision  and wonder why it is taking the Lord so long to answer it ? You thought it was a good idea,but the Lord is silent and time is passing by.

The story of Moses is where I first learned about the death of a vision. We are told that Moses was a meek and humble man. He trusted in and obeyed the Lord's commandments. However, Moses wasn't always humble, Earlier in his life, when he saw an Egyptian abusing a fellow Hebrew,  his temper rose and Moses became a murderer. He killed an Egyptian.

His intentions were admirable.  He thought he was helping God stop the Egyptians from flogging his Hebrew brethren. Moses was discovered trying to bury his victim and had to ran for his life.  He ended up far, far away in the back side of the wilderness.  There he became a shepherd, tending sheep for a living.

 Talk about humble pie! His dreams were over. Moses who once was a somebody, who sat in the audience of the great Pharaoh , now was a was a nobody. But,God was not finished with him.

Forty years later when the Lord called Moses out of the burning bush, he was a totally broken man.  His self-confidence and pride had been exposed. The years he spent in the wilderness had broken his self will.  He no longer had any confidence in himself to act for God.  In fact he asked the Lord to send his brother Aaron.  Moses had been humbled.  He knew that if the Lord did go before him, it was totally impossible to do what the Lord was asking.  He was in a good place. He had to depend on his God. That is what made him a humble man.  He had complete trust and confidence in the Lord and not in himself.

God had taken a somebody, made him a nobody, and then raised him to be a somebody that He could use. The Lord had dwelt with Moses's pride, his self-will.   He didn't get there overnight.  It was a process that only God could do.  God had a work for Moses and only He could prepare him to lead his people out of bondage in Egypt. Apart from the Lord's power, it would be totally impossible for any man. 

What I  have learned is that if an idea or vision is really from the Lord, it is important to let it die.  If it is not from the Lord, it will stay dead. If it is from Him,  He will resurrect it  and use me to fulfill it.  Don't try to accomplish in the flesh (self-life) what only God can perform by the Holy Spirit. Surrender to Him and let God be God.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Becoming The Beloved by Graham Cooke

Beloved, If you have ever struggled with legalism or a religious spirit, I believe that your heart will be blessed listening to this beautiful truth that our Lord died to set you free. In Christ, we are His beloved and He is ours. I know of no earthly love greater than the love of our Father and His Son for us. It truly is amazing love.  Please listen to this video and hear for you self the love  and acceptance that Jesus has for His beloved...That you!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Christmas tradition

                                         MERRY  CHRISTMAS AND  HAPPY NEW YEAR

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to each and every one of you who read and  follow "Dottie in Him" . I pray that the Lord will personally bless you with His love, grace, provision and health in the New Year. The Lord loves us so much and cares in particular for the details of our lives. We are a blessed people,

For the past fifteen years, when our family would get together for Christmas, we would first start with the Christmas story.  Pop Pop would sit to the right and read, while the grandchildren would act out five scenes, ending by singing Silent Night, Holy Night. For several years we had a real baby in the manger, until our last grandchild was promoted to an angel .  Everyone played a part.

As each grandchild grew older, they would help the younger ones to dress back stage, lead the singing and tend the curtain. The adults were the audience and we looked forward to the children each year performing their changing parts. It was set it up in our home between two rooms, so the children felt like they were on stage.  When it was over, off came the homemade customs, down came the curtains, and then the mad dash for the Christmas tree.

This picture was taken in 2001.  The littlest angel is now  grown up in college, and the  director a mother of four.  The baton has been passed to the next generation. We will always remember  our little wandering two year old angel with her crooked halo.   

Monday, November 27, 2017

Be reconciled

Christmas time is a time for great rejoicing.  Our Savior is born, the Kings of kings and Lord of lords .Jesus Christ is the the anointed Son of God.  God the Father is calling out through the Holy Spirit to this dying world, "Come, come and be reconciled to your God.  He is reaching out to you through the birth and death  of His Son Jesus, saying, "The manager is empty, the tomb is empty and the world is empty, COME!  The world holds no answers.  My Son is resurrected and your sins have been forgiven.  Come back to me.  Forsake the world and let me fill your hearts with My new life. 'Though your sins be as scarlet, you will be washed as white as snow." If you hear My call this Christmas, repent and turn to Me. I am only a prayer away.

This another beautiful Christmas song.  I pray that it will bless you.