Friday, December 28, 2012


This morning at our Sunday service, we were in worship praising our Lord, when my attention was diverted to this picture in my mind. I saw a beautiful Christmas tree with clear bright lights decorated with bright colored ornaments and ribbons.  Christmas was over and all the Christmas wrapping were piled around the tree.  Everyone was enjoying their Christmas gifts, looking for the batteries to run the toys. But way under the tree there remained a small box, wrapped in white with a very large red bow. It had been forgotten and was still waiting to be opened, but no one seemed to be aware of it. Everyone went on enjoying their many gifts.  I said to myself, "Lord,  I don't understand this vision?"

As I still watched this vision, the present began to unwrap itself.  First the ribbon undid itself off and then wrapping  paper came off. Then the lid of the box started to lift up and a BRILLIANT light began to appear.  The light grew brighter and brighter until it filled the room. I was amazed that at its brilliance and asked, "Lord What are you trying to show me?"

"My daughter," He said, "I am under every Christmas tree, but many do not take the time to unwrap me. The small white box wrapped in a red bow is ME!! Tell my people I want them to unwrap me too!  Many look at Me and admire Me , but leave me under the tree! They know about me, but they don't know ME!, because they haven't unwrapped Me.  I am calling my people into a deeper intimacy.  I desire their fellowship and have so much more to share in My Word with them. I AM THE WORD, MADE FLESH AND STILL THE LIVING WORD TODAY!"

I truly believe that the Lord is about to do something new in the church, if we will repent, come out of the world and be true ONLY to Him.  Our God is amazing and He has many gifts He desires to give to His children, if only we would receive them.  The world has nothing to offer us, but we have much to offer the world in the gracious love and forgiveness of our Lord.   With the world growing more and more dark every day, as believers, we carry within our souls the LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  May we, as God's people, this coming year seek to intimately know our Lord more and more.  He is waiting for us to draw close to His heart and to receive more of Himself so that we may reveal Him to this dying world. "May His Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven"



  1. Nancy Pritchard1/21/13, 6:47 PM

    I started a new Christmas tradition with my family this year. I looked for and found a beautifully decorated small Christmas box and put inside it written pieces of paper with the names of gifts that Jesus gives to us. Before opening our gifts to each other, we passed the box around and each person read one of Christ's gifts until they were all read. Example of gifts are: peace with God, access to the Father, love of God, the precious Holy Spirit, purpose for living, the righteousness of Christ, the peace of God, joy, victory over sin, the body of Christ, spiritual gifts, wisdom, prayeer, the presence of God, the Word of God, provision, guidance, a future inheritance, call to ministry and they go on and on. After Christmas my daughter found very small nicely decorated boxes in the Dollar Store and next Christmas in each box we can write one of the gifts Christ gives us for each place setting and the guests can bring their gift box home. This went over very well even with a family member who hasn't yet experienced the true meaning of Christmas.

  2. What a great idea, Nancy. I am going to pass it on. I can't believe it, because on my next blog I am exploring our EARLY inheritance in Christ. It always is a happy day to hear from you.


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