Tuesday, February 12, 2013

God's Forgivness wrapped in His Love

Knowing that we are completely forgiven, past, present and future sins, and that the Father sees us in the blood of His Son Jesus, while the holy Spirit is working out our sanctification, isn't  it great AMAZING GRACE.  God's forgiveness is hidden in His love for us.  The more I have come to realize HOW much I have been forgiven, His love and forgiveness fills my heart more and more for others.

The body of our Lord Jesus consumed the sins of the world.  It is a great mystery, but it is true.  We all have been forgiven, but NOT everyone will believe or receive His gift of salvation.  How tragic it is, because God's wrath/judgement is coming towards all men 

and only those who are under the blood of Jesus will be saved.  Remember the Israelites in Egypt, when Moses stood before the Pharoh and God's judgement was given ten times on Egypt. But His people were spared from the judgement. God protected them with the blood of the lamb over their door posts.  This is a picture of God's protection for His people today when the judgement comes.  Do we have the blood of the lamb over the door post of our hearts?

God's forgiveness is such a gracious gift.  None of us deserve it.

The scripture tells us that ONLY God forgives sin! (Luke 5:21).
 Human forgiveness is VERY conditional,while God's forgiveness is UNCONDITIONAL Human forgiveness is so limited and controlling. Only the believers can give God's forgiveness to another, because we carry within us His forgiveness  When you think about it,what an important responsibility we have to declare God's forgiveness  to the world!  John 20:21-23.

If we are honest with ourselves we all have experienced an unforgiving spirit, one way or another.  Believe me, it is a death trap of Satan to keep us in our "OLD LIFE OF SIN".  He will oppress us with thoughts that we didn't think were possible and we will end up accusing God with all kinds of accusations that discredit His character. Unforgiveness in us will breed resentment, anger, hatred, and a deep root of bitterness towards God.  Its root dwells in the pride of the 'old man of sin', our flesh. Our pride steals God's glory. 

It is NOT who we are in Christ. We are in Christ Jesus and we have received His forgiveness to give to others. God's forgiveness is very powerful and has the ability not only to heal  emotional pain, but to deliver us from any of the consequences of Adams sin.

God's forgiveness is the ONLY cure for any offense or hurt I know.  What has helped me has been the words of Jesus on the cross, "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do".  This has helped so many times, because  I will think to myself, "If___________only knew what _________ did or said to offend me, I truly believe_____________ would not have said it or done it.  I choose to forgive_____________ and I ask you Lord Jesus to  bless ___________.  This may not fit every situation. But in my experience it has  healed many hurts and memories. May your day be blessed with His continual forgiveness wrapped in His LOVE for you.

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