Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Recently I was asked, "Do you think the theory of evolution destroys the gospel?  If so, how?

Now, I am no biblical scholar, or some highly intellectual student of Creation, but I do love the Lord and enjoy pondering thoughts that are far greater than I. 

The question was a challenge to me. It made me seek the Lord in His Word to come to my own conclusions. 

During my school years, I was taught the theory of evolution. It made sense to me, until I became a Christian.  The bible opened my spiritual eyes to something far more serious than just believing evolution as truth.

The evolutionist tries to tell me that I evolved from the monkey. But the word of God said that I was created in His image for His glory. Who was I to believe?

 If man evolved from the monkey, in my mind, it would make God a monkey? 

I started to ponder other thoughts about evolution. For instance, what about the eye? Why hasn't it continued to evolved? 

What about the theory of entropy?  The belief that the earth is gradually becoming more and more disorganized not organized. This is witnessed when you burn a piece of wood.  It has lost its information to recreate itself-- an impossible pile of ash.

As I read and investigated more about the theory of evolution, what really began to trouble me, was this question.  If the earth was millions of years old, what about death?  

 If the dinosaurs evolved and became extinct  before the Fall of Adam than  death preceded the Fall?    This line of thinking bothered me.  It violated the gospel. 

 Death first entered into the creation as a result of Adam's sin of disobedience and rebellion. Man lost God's glory. We all have fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23.  There is nothing holy, righteous or good in man. We must be born again.

Satan would love to have mankind  believe that we all evolved from a monkey. He would love to prove that Jesus, as a man, also evolved from a monkey-- blasphemy!  Jesus created the monkey.

The  evolutionary lie continues to persuade man. Creation speaks for itself. 

My heart is at peace. Jesus is God. He rules over His complete creation. Hebrew 1:2

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