Thursday, August 28, 2014


If man was created in the image of God and we know that God is three persons i.e. the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, is there a place in their fellowship for us? Can we experience an intimacy to hear God's voice again?  The intimacy that man lost in the Fall of Adam?

Jesus said,"My sheep hear My voice and they fellow me."  How can we hear God's voice? Is He speaking to us today?

I don't believe that He has ever stopped speaking. Man lost his spiritual ears and eyes, when he willfully chose to disobey God's commandment and elected to serve himself.  His once close relationship with his creator was taken from him. Adam and Eve were cast out of God's presence. Man was lost: spiritually lost.  His ability to spiritually see and to hear His God was gone. Only his conscience was left to discern good and evil. We know how that has turned out.   Now everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes. 

The question is asked,"Is there hope to hear God's voice again?"
Thankfully there is. What we lost in Adam, we have gained back in Christ. Through the good news of the gospel, we can repent of Adam's sin as our own.  Our human nature is no different than Adam's. It just manifests itself differently through our personalities. 
When we repent, we  receive God's forgiveness through the precious blood of Jesus. The power of the cross justifies us as if we had never sinned. God's forgiveness is an incredible gift of love from the merciful, gracious heart of God. Our spiritual eyes and ears are opened and we can begin to hear God's voice again.

Today, the voice of God comes to us through the person of the Holy Spirit.  He will convict us of sin, righteousness and judgement. He will lead us into all truth and speak only what He hears.  He is our teacher and confirms everything He says by the Word of God.  He is the person of the Godhead who releases the grace of God to overcome the World, the Flesh (our lower nature) and the Devil. 

The Person of the Holy Spirit comes to apply the blood of Jesus to our hearts to enable us to once again, hear God's voice. His is the most gentle, thoughtful,  generous, faithful, caring voice I have ever heard and it has never changed.  Even when He corrects me, His voice is kind and I want to repent. He has captured my heart to pursue Him  and follow Him forever.

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