Wednesday, April 8, 2015


To be still and to hear God's voice is a daily challenge.  There seems to be always some noise around us, whether it is the television, the cell phone ringing, a baby crying or children fighting. Perhaps, you are at work, and it is an overwhelming day, full of demands and dead lines to keep.  People are upset,
anxiety is high and there is no time to be still and know He is God.

I believe the Lord has good news for us.  We can practice the presence of God.  By faith the Holy Spirit has quickened our once dead spirit to newness of life. We can hear God 's voice.  It is our minds that are full of continuous chatter that keep us from hearing. Our minds need to submit to the Lord's voice in our inner new man as the Holy Spirit renews our minds.

I think we will be amazed how His presence within us will speak.   His voice is speaking to our inner new man all the time, if we will only stop and listen.  He has wisdom for every situation.  Our Lord is a master problem solver.

The Lyrics to this song, I believe will encourage your soul and strengthen your heart.  Be still, today, my friend and hear God's voice for you.

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