Thursday, July 16, 2015


My husband Roger and I were driving through New York City on our way to New England for a week of vacation, when we needed some gas. Pulling into a gas station, Roger quickly got out, filled the tank, and we are off again.  We were not down the road more than a hundred yards when a black sedan behind us with four black men in it honked their horn at us. We immediately had stop for a red light.  My imagination went crazy,"They are going to rob us, shoot us to death and steal our car.!"  Great spousal support.  The sedan stopped behind us.  There were no flashing lights, so it couldn't be an undercover police car. Roger got out of the car. A man got out of their car and said , "Sir, your wallet has been on the roof of your car ever since the gas station."  We were shocked.  "What?" exclaimed Roger, "My wallet left on the top of the car!  Thank so much for stopping us."  Roger reached into his wallet and gave the man a twenty dollar bill, "Thank you, sir for your honesty. I really appreciate your tracking us down."

Phoo! that was a close call. Roger and I had prejudged the black sedan with four black men.  God forgive us. What if they had been four black angels sent by God to preserve Roger's wallet and to protect us. It certainly was a thought to ponder.

This situation made us stop and think.  How many times have we prejudged a person without first knowing anything about them.  It is far too easy to do.  Jesus said, "Judge not that ye be not judged".  Roger and I learned a valuable lesson that afternoon, not to prejudge anyone by his color. It could have been angels unaware, 

"Lord forgive us for judging perfectly honest men this afternoon.    And thank you for returning the wallet."

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