Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I would like to introduce you to a dear brother in the Lord, David Pawson.  He has been in the faith for 60 years and still teaching. He is English and his great grandfather knew John Wesley and his grandfather knew Charles Spurgeon.  He is a great man of faith and has been a blessing to my growth in knowing the person of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Our God is relational and we can know Him intimately by the Holy Spirit and through His Word. His teaching on the book of Revelation is amazing.  For the first time I can say, "I am blessed to read this book".  I have heard many teachings and interruptions, but I believe David Pawson has had a revelation of the Words of Jesus to warn His Bride of the days to come and that He would protect and keep her in His love through all Her trials and tribulations in this life.  Revelation is this only letter that Jesus wrote personally to His Bride.  His teaching has brought a peace to my soul and a hunger to know Him more.

Receiving the Holy Spirit into our spirit is so important.  He is the revealer of all truth.  He alone lifts up Jesus in us and through us. He is the third person of the God head and we must not neglect Him or we will never know our Lord or His Word.  It will be all in the head and not in our hearts.

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