Friday, May 6, 2016


The flower garden was starving for attention. Every time I looked out my kitchen window there were,  I was looking at ugly weeds and dry mulch.  I had to get out there.  It was a beautiful spring day at 72 degrees.  

Many times I have been told do my stretches before gardening to prevent my back from going out, but did I obey?  No!  I thought I could get away with it.  I felt fine for three hours.  Then a back pain began to hit me. Just a little at first.  Even that didn't stop me.  I kept digging and pulling up weeds. I could do this!  At 77 years old you would think that I would have learned.  But I haven't.  It was four hours before I stopped,.  Stepping back to admired my work , it  happened.  My back was gone.  The muscles were pulled in all directions.  I came into the house and put ice on my back and rested for the afternoon.  By the next morning I could barely walk without pain. My husband and some close friends prayed for me. "Confess your sin to one another, so that you may be healed."

"Forgive me Lord, I have no one but myself to blame.  I didn't obey your instruction to stretch. But if you have something that you want to share with me through this pain, I am ready to hear."  This was Friday afternoon.  By Saturday, nothing.  Sunday nothing. Monday still pain.

I started to praise the Lord for the pain trusting that He was delaying healing for a greater glory. I closed my eyes to seek the Lord.  In my spirit I heard these words, "Thank you for sharing in My pain."' 

  "Lord,"  I cried, "My pain is nothing compared to what You endured. "  Tears filled my eyes meditating on the cross.  He felt my pain. Jesus knows human pain.  Then I heard Him say,"Thank you for suffering with me, my child, but remember what I have shared with you before."  I asked the Lord to remind me.

"Pain, suffering, sickness and disease are the consequences of sin in a fallen world.  Every human being inherited these consequences because of the Fall.  But, look at the cross.  My Father put all sin, pain, suffering, sicknesses and diseases on my body, so I could give you my healthy body.  I am alive, my child.  I have no pain in my body.  I will take yours and consume it in mine."  Tears fell again.

"Lord, You are too good.  I am thank you for this pain, because it reminds me again and again of your suffering for me.  I  have a short memory and I am grateful for you keeping close to Your heart.  By your stripes I am healed and I receive Your healing in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, "Rise and walk." No pain.

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  1. Very thoughtfulful mseeage on pain. God sets the boundaries and we humans always want to stretch them. Have done what you did and paid the price!


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