Thursday, May 4, 2017


One morning I noticed that the only tree on our front lawn was dying. Something was wrong.  We had tried for years to plant other trees but failed. Our only survivor was  a little Japanese Maple tree and  this morning it  was loaded with Japanese beetles chewing on its leaves.  I was sick.

My first thought was to pray.  But what to pray?  As I started to praise the Lord for the little tree,  the beetles would rise up and stand at attention.  When I stopped, they continued to chomp. I got mad. The authority of Jesus rose up in me."In the name of Jesus, you Japanese beetles  have to bow and leave.  This tree belongs to the Lord and you have no right to it.  At the cross He won back what Adam lost. The earth is the Lords, and the fulness thereof. We rule now in the Name of Jesus."

For the next week I faithfully prayed and declared the victory of the cross over the little tree. The Japanese beetles were stubborn.  They were trying to ignore me, but still stood at attention when I praised the Lord.  It was getting fun to watch.  Then one day they were gone.  The little tree became our "resurrection tree."  It has now been forty years,  and no bugs have dared to touch it.
I witnessed for myself the power and authority I have in the Name of Jesus.  He rules over His creation and at the Name of Jesus everything that has breath, praises the Lord. The enemy may have power to deceive, but no authority to rule. Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of the Father! 

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