Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Challenge with Unbelief

If we honestly believed in our hearts that Jesus really took our dirty, filthy, stinky clothes as His own in exchange for His beautiful, clean, perfectly white robe of righteousness, how can we continuously want to sin or live in unbelief? If we believe that this is true, and it is, what kind of an effect would it have when we get sick? Do we just roll over and accept the sickness?  If the very God who created us, lives in us, would He not know how to fix what He created?

Of course He would.  Jesus did not die in vain for His church.  He took on His body every sin, sickness and disease that was the result of Adam's sin. We No longer live in Adam.  We are children of the most High and we live in Jesus Christ.We have HOPE,in this world, His name is Jesus.  Our healer is alive. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  The only sick day He had on this earth was when we made Him sick at Calvary with all our sicknesses and diseases.  By His stripes we have been healed, past, present and future. When Jesus rose on the third day from the grave, all of our sin, sickness and disease were no longer on Him.  He was free and so were we. We have to hold on to this truth when we get sick and have any health problems.  He is our health.  

There was a king in the O.T.named Asa, who when he got sick first went to the physicians instead of the Lord.  The Lord was not pleased and the heart of God was grieved.  His sin was not that he consulted the physicians , but that he consulted them first (2 Chronicle16:12). Praise the Lord we are NOT under the LAW but under GRACE. We already have been punished in Jesus' death for our disobedience. But, I believe the principle is still the same.  God does not change. The only difference is that under the gospel of grace, we are unconditionally forgiven  all the times we have gone to the doctors without first praying.

I remember when this truth first hit me. I was sitting in a doctor's office waiting for him to come in, and this thought came to my mind, "Lord, why do we need doctors, if you have given the doctors everything they know to bring healing to your people?" I felt like He whispered my ear, "It is My MERCY daughter, for their  unbelief.  I love my bride and I want her well."  About that time the doctor entered the room  and the thought left me.

Later that day, the thought came back to me and I have to admit that I was in unbelief. I didn't  understand at the time that He really wanted me healed..  I was like Israel, wandering in the desert of unbelief for years, afraid of the giants in the promised land. I was allowing sin, sickness and disease to be bigger than the BLOOD  and RIGHTEOUSNESS of our Lord Jesus. I didn't believe that God was "GREATER IN ME THAN HE WHO IS IN THE WORLD." (John 4:4)  The first thing I would do was to run for the pill bottle and pray afterwards.  I did not seek out the Lord nor my church family, unless I thought my illness was very serious. Honestly, I was living in unbelief and deceiving myself that God wasn't interested in my illnesses. It never occurred to me that the Lord might have a better plan for His glory through my trial.. I never felt condemned.  It just felt good to repent, receive His unconditional forgiveness, remembering that He paid an unfathomable price for my sin of unbelief.

Since that day in the doctor's office, I am still learning so much about His healing. Even in the bible, Job         was healed after his horrific trial with the devil, but he still had to suffer. I love the end when Job says, "Once my EARS heard ABOUT You, but now my EYES SEE You".  Sometimes the Lord has used an illness to draw me into a deeper intimacy with Him.  It doesn't mean that He doesn't want to heal me.That is a LIE from the enemy.   It is ALL about His glory and my relationship WITH Him.  He is my blessing, my health and wholeness. He is the lover of my Soul and He ever lives to make intercession for His bride, you and I.  To God be the glory.


  1. This freaked me out this morning! The Lord has been showing me something too and I can't wait to share with you. Hoping I can take you out for a bite for your B-Day and we can catch up...I'll call you.
    Love you more then you will every know!!

  2. Dorothyjsmall1/23/12, 10:46 AM

    I am so grateful that the Lord spoke to you Donna. He is amazing grace and wants so much to relate to us more and more. He loves His bride.


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