Friday, November 16, 2012

My Pity Party

The following is a poem that I wrote, expressing my heart to the Lord, when I was feeling quite sorry for myself.  After the first four stanzas, the Lord, Himself, begins to speak to me.  He helps me to repent of self-pity, and opens my eyes to see that bitterness is its second cousin, and both are rooted in my pride. I am so grateful for the POWER OF THE CROSS that consumed all my sin. I don't have to feel sorry for myself anymore.  God's pity for me is enough. He saw me lying in my own blood and took me to the cross and said "LIVE"  Repentance now is FREEDOM from the bondage of self-pity. I have nothing to feel sorry about.  

Jesus really is the  only one who truly cares for our souls.  Sin  blinds us, but Jesus looked beyond our sin and saw our need.  He alone is our deliver and the LOVER OF OUR SOUL.

       My Pity Party

Self-pity shrouds a precious soul,         (all souls are precious to our
Shakes its fist, "forsaken soul!"                Lord)

Born for this! What a waste,
Spits its filth in God's face.

Ah, you say, a better plan?
Can I trust another hand.

Oh soul of mine, cast aside,
Does one care or hear my cry?

"My child, my child you walk alone,
bearing fruit that you have sown 

Some is wheat and other tares,
Bitterness, I do not share.

I knew the day that you were born,
Darkness, death, judgement gone.

Your eyes were dark, lost and blind,
Yet all I knew, you were mine.

Turn your eyes, again to me,
To know my heart's, gentle plea.

What offer does the world have more
Than what I have for you in store!

Oh, my child, my precious child,
Self-pity has had, you yet beguiled.

All your plans and idols gone,
I am writing a brand new song.

I bid you come and taste and see,
Forsake your plans and follow me.

My life in you is all you need,
To take control and let me lead.

All the years the locust stole,
Will be returned a hundred fold.

Through all the sorrow, grief and pain,
You will come to know my name!


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