Friday, April 5, 2013

Boot camp starts young

I would like to share with you a true story about my grandson. When he was four years old he, like so many young children, was afraid of the dark.  He thought there were monsters under his bed, in his closet, and hanging out of his bureau.  His bedroom was next to his parents room, so that they could hear his crying every night.

This when on for several nights, until one night after his son had been into his father's bedroom six times, his father decided it was time for his son  to enter "boot camp". 

The next time the son woke up scared and came into his room, his father quietly said to him,  " This is the last time that daddy is coming.  There are NO monsters in your bedroom.  You must trust your daddy. You are to stay in bed.  Jesus is here with you and His daddy is much stronger then I am. Next time when you are afraid, you call JESUS FOR HELP! You are NOT to come into my bedroom any more.  Do you understand?"  His father had settled down again to sleep, when he heard from the other room, "JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!"  From that moment on both he and daddy finished the night in a sound sleep.

 He had entered "boot camp".  At the age of four he was beginning to learn the power of the name of Jesus.  Through out his life, his father kept pointing him to Jesus for his protection, provision, faith and hope.  

Today he has enter the pastorate equipped to lead believers into the power of the cross and resurrection. He not only knows the power of God , but His undeserving grace.  The Lord has gifted him to be able to articulate this good news to all those around him. "Boot camp" starts young. He is a "prayer warrior" in God's Kingdom today.

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