Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Have you ever got up in the morning, because the phone is ringing, or someone is pounding on your front door, because the door bell doesn't ring. Maybe you forgot your mother-in-law was coming for breakfast. You are still in your pajamas and your hair is a bedhead. Maybe the children are up early, because the phone or the door bell woke them up? Good morning world! You take a deep breath and your day has started.

After years of greeting the morning with such ordeals, I realize one thing.  It is important for me, even before I get out of bed, to first connect with my Lord.  It is not a fancy prayer or something I read, but just a "good morning Lord.  Thank you for bringing me safely through the night and I desire for to do your will today not mine. I surrender my will  to your plans today, knowing that your will is the best for me. I ask for your wisdom and understanding to work out any problems that I might face today."  It is short.  Some mornings, it is longer than others. It all depends upon what is greeting me in the morning.

I have found,  that as long as Jesus is in my 'boat',so to speak, He is there to calm the storms of that day. It is too easy to forgot that Jesus is in me and with me. The day can get very frustrating trying to accomplish my plans on my own, ignoring the presence of the Lord. Jesus said that He would never leave us nor forsake us.  He is with us all the time. When the seas of life get rough and the winds begin to fiercely blow against our sails, it is good to remember WHO IS IN MY BOAT and not keep trying to climb out.  Jesus is  NOT asleep, but waiting and watching for me to give up and call upon Him.  My job is to stay in the 'boat' and let Jesus calm the storms of life pressing in around me

If you have found yourself today standing at the helm of your boat shouting at the winds and crashing rain against your sails STOP! LOOK! AND LISTEN!.  God is speaking to you, "Be still and know that I am God".  You will be amazed how quickly the Lord will answer your need.  Psalm 91:15 "When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him."  Tomorrow morning when you awake let us meet together in the throne room of our God and thank Him that He is in our boat and that He will keep it from sinking.

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