Friday, January 3, 2014


How often have you used the expression, "I am hanging-in- there" 
I know I have used it many times, when a friend was honestly inquiring. To me, it seemed like an easy answer. Life was too complicated at the moment, and I didn't want to talk. Why couldn't I just be honest and say something like "It's rough. I am not doing well. I would appreciate your prayers.  Thank you for asking. The Lord is good.  He will see me through"

I began to think about this expression and what actually I was conveying. I have to confess, it made me sad. One morning in prayer, I asked the Lord, why do I always seem to use this expression? To my surprise, He answered me with this thought, "My daughter, that expression is an insult to me."  WHAT?? How could it be insulting to the Lord saying "I am hanging- in- there."  I pursued Him some more, "Lord, what do you mean 'I'm insulting you.?" His answer was  humbling. "My daughter, it is just another way of saying, 'you are not giving up. You are strong enough to deal with the circumstances yourself. You are questioning my love and care for you. Am I not enough?  Self-pity is sitting on your shoulder and stealing your joy in Me."

God was right.  He always is, you know.  I have dealt with self-pity many times in my Christian walk.  This was just in another form. I have now come to realize that the only  pity I need, I have already received--God's pity. He saw me in my sin and had pity on me.  He came and died, was buried and raised again to give me His life. I have nothing to feel sorry about.  Jesus is alive and more than enough to answer any unresolved  situation that I might find myself in. I don't have to "hang-in-there" any more.  If you ever hear me expressing this again, please remind me, 'JESUS HUNG FOR YOU.  Enjoy your salvation."

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