Sunday, March 16, 2014


Amidst the cold, blustery, ice and snow, stands the majestic  'Evergreen'. In the dead of winter, she hardly notices some of her needles have fallen.  She is green the year around.

This winter has  been particularly fierce with below freezing temperatures. There has been a great amount of ice, sleet and mounds of snow. Right after a snow storm, the landscape always looks so white and clean.  There is something about softly falling snow that refreshes the air   It's sweet smell permeates the air. Too cold  for a walk outside, I just want to curl up and read a book for the day.

After one of our most recent snow storm, I did decide to go out for a walk. No cars were on the road and the sun was shining. It was rather warm. The silence was a touch of heaven. As I walked down the street I noticed several huge evergreen trees weighed down with snow and ice.  The tree had survived  harsh, below freezing weather.

This thought crossed my mind.  What a great picture of  a Christian's life. The Evergreen is forever green. The Christian has eternal life and is forever green. Trials and tribulations come into our lives, like the blustery winds of winter, often challenging the very foundations of our faith.  Yet, the very life of our Lord in us keeps us 'forever' green, as we continue to mature and shed our needles.

 I like to think that when our Heavenly Father  looks down on His creation and sees the Evergreen, it reminds Him of His Bride that He is preparing for His son. She is alive, forever green, and healthy,  amid the dead bare trees. Battered by trials and tribulations, amid the wintry storms of life, she stands strong and glorious. Resurrection life flows through her veins enabling Her to proclaim Her Bridegroom is alive, and coming again for Her soon.  


  1. Hi Dottie!!! First thing that cam to mind while reading this this morning was Jeremiah 17:7-8. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Dorothyjsmall3/10/12, 6:18 PM

    Right on Kristy. I loved what you sent Jeremiah 17:7-8 Great word. May the Lord bless you and always keep you in His peace.


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