Saturday, March 1, 2014


Right before I wake up in the morning, I often have the most incredible dreams. Some are life changing.  Others are ridiculous and stupid. The ones I do remember are very clear and to the point.  This one particular morning was memorable.

I found myself in this huge bedroom, standing in front of two closets.  In my spirit, I  heard a voice speak to me saying, "Open the door on your left".  Slowly, I opened the door.  It was dark and a horrendous smell like dead fish permeated the air.  When I turned the closet light on, I recognized that it was full of my own clothes. Many were my favorite ones.

Again the voice spoke, "Open the door on your right?" Carefully, I opened the door. I was frightened as to what I might find.  Instead of darkness, the closet was full of brilliant glorious light. It was filled with hundreds of pieces of new colorful garments.  I didn't understand. Was the Lord  going to give to me a whole new wardrobe?  WOW!  How great is that? Like most dreams, right at the best place, I woke up." 

As I laid there thinking about it, I sensed that the Lord had something more for me.  I fell back to sleep.  It was then I started to see this vision. 

"The Lord  was standing between the two closet doors.  Both of the doors were opened. Reaching inside my closet, He took handfulls of cloths off their hangers and threw them in a piggy pile on the floor.

"What are you doing, Lord, "  I was getting upset. My closet was completely emptied and clothes piled in a heap.  It was a mess. He shut the closet door, and printed across the door "Kingdom of Self".

As I started to pick up my clothes from the floor, every article of clothing had something written on it: selfishness, self-confidence, self righteousness, self pity, resentment, self justification, self protection, unforgiveness, fear, doubt, unbelief, anger, impatience, pride, lust, coveting, jealousy, religious, bitterness, independence, etc.  I had no idea my closet was so full of dirty clothes. But what was I going to wear? I must have something good to wear?

The Lord discerned my thought, "My daughter, there was nothing  in your closet acceptable for My Kingdom. Even all your 'good' clothes are filthy to Me."
"Lord, "I said, " I don't understand? I am naked!"

"You are right, my daughter. Your old clothes are dirty and ugly. They will be exchanged for Mine. Now, start picking up your old clothes one at a time and hand them to Me.  I will dress you for My Kingdom in garments of righteousness, peace and joy, love forgiveness, kindness, mercy, gentleness, dependence, long-suffering, humility and  much more."

"But Lord, my closet smells so bad! I can't put these new clothes in that closet." I explained.

"It has been completely cleansed, trust Me."

As I sat on the floor amid my old clothes, I contemplated, "Do I have to hand over all of them at once?  It wasn't going to be that easy. Maybe He thought I should wash them more often."

My thoughts were quickly interrupted, "Enough, My daughter." He lovingly spoke, yet with a firm voice, "I have been patient. You must repent. You can not wear your 'old' clothes in My Kingdom."

Then my eyes were opened.  I saw Calvary's cross.  Jesus was wearing all my 'old' clothes.

 Now, I could understood why Jesus said in Mathew 9:17. "You can't put new wine into an old wine skin." "You must be born again." John 3:3

Other scripture verses that came to mind were Colossians 3:9,10,"'Put off the OLD self with its practices and put on the NEW self, which is being renewed  in knowledge  after the image of its creator'. Romans 8:9-10, Romans 12:2., I Cor. 5:16-18.


  1. Powerful dreams! Great Message!

  2. Great to hear from you Dan. God is so good. God bless you brother.


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