Friday, October 28, 2011

Let's join the dance

Yesterday a dear friend showed me these two youtube sites.  Perhaps you have already seen them, but it was a blessing to me to see how many young people were identifying with the Lord Jesus not only in America, but across the world!  As an older woman, it encouraged me to watch these young people dancing in unison not afraid to identify with Jesus. I truly believe that the Lord is calling young people to arise and take back the territory that Satan has tried to steal from their generation.  GO! GO GO! young people.  Jesus is alive and wants to live in you to help bring the gospel to this fallen world.

I don't know what the future will bring, nor do I know God 's timing in things. But this I do know, His Word is clear, look up dear ones, His coming is near  I will sign off for now.   Let's celebrate the dance while there is light. and pray for the Lord to keep back the night..May we continue to be spiritually prepared for the days ahead knowing that our God is faithful, when we are faithless.  His forgiveness is always ready to be received only by those who will repent and believe.  I would hate to know that any of you willingly walked by Lord and never received your forgiveness. That would be an eternal regret,. knowing that you were forgiven and you never received it.  Look up, come back to the Lord and start dancing again. He is waiting for you.

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