Thursday, October 20, 2011

Two Identical Trees

Often the Lord will speak His heart to us as we wait upon Him  in prayer. The following is an impression  I received while meditating on Psalm 1, and I would like to share it with you.
" I saw myself standing on a high hill looking down into a valley.  There were only two trees and they were identical, leaf for leaf.  I couldn't tell them apart. As I looked down into the valley, wondering what was going on, from behind me came a huge gust of wind.  It  blew over me and swept down into the valley with a  ferocious thrust, hitting both the trees unmercifully. I stood aghast.  What was  going on?

Leaves were flying all over the place.  It was like a snow storm of leaves.  I could hardly see. Then as the wind subsided, I began to notice how the tree on my left was totally bare.  There wasn't one leaf left on it. Dry leaves were piled up under the tree.  The tree on my right was totally intact.  The leaves were green and healthy and not one leaf was missing.  "Lord,' I cried out, "what are you trying to show me? "Then I heard an almost audible voice say, "Look at the roots."  But, I couldn't see the roots. The Lord then opened up the ground for me to see the roots..  The tree on my left, had very little root.  The tree on my right had strong roots that went deep into the ground .  I could see the roots reaching out for the underground body of water.

At first I didn't understand until the Lord spoke to me, " I am sending a strong wind to establish my Church in these last days.  There is a false Christianity that denies the power of my Spirit and it is a dead religion. It has counterfeited  my true Church, my Bride, and I want my Bride to know that I am her life. Those who hold fast to my roots  that I have put in them will weather this storm, others will fall away.  They never knew me.  Yet, I know them and will draw them once again to my cross for a real conversion.  Only one tree will stand upon the earth for all to see.  The Tree of my Son on Calvary".  I was very humbled and grieved in my spirit, yet I knew it was the heart of God to draw all men until Himself at any cost.  Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with the living God.  Jesus is resurrected and he is living His life in His true body the Church. A shaking is a good thing. God loves us and wants us to know Him personally and He will reveal Himself to us more and more as we surrender our lives to Him."

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