Friday, April 27, 2012

The PERSON of the Holy Spirit

The PERSON  of the Holy Spirit is so important to me.  I meet Christians every day that do not know that the Holy Spirit is a person, just like the Father and the Son are a person. What is a person?  I have given this some thought and have come to realize that it is very easy to think of a person as just a human being. But that is so limiting   Truly, Jesus came to earth, but that didn't make Him a person. He was the Son of God, the second  person of the Trinity from eternity past.

God is three persons, yet one God.  There has always been an eternal personal  relationship between each person of the trinity.  I don't confess to understand the Trinity.   It is far above me. But what I do understand, I still find amazing. 

 After my conversion, the Holy Spirit became very real to me. I was reading in John 14 through 16 where Jesus was speaking to His disciples at the Passover. He told them that it is important that I go away, but I will not leave you as orphans.  I will send to you someone, JUST LIKE MYSELF, and He will lead and guide you into all truth.  I thought to myself, " How kind of Jesus to send another person like Himself and not to leave the disciples as orphans."  That meant a lot to me.

I realized that when I was born again, the Lord had breathed His Holy Spirit into me and I became alive in Christ. Jesus meant everything to me. But, I had not  ACKNOWLEDGED THE HOLY SPIRIT AS A PERSON. As a result, I did feel like an orphan, wandering around trying to figure out my faith myself.  It was at that time in my walk that I realized that the Holy Spirit was NOT AN "IT", but a "HE".  That revelation changed my life. I now felt completed in my  relationship with God the Father , God the Son and GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT.  All three are still involved in working out my salvation.

I love the Holy Spirit.  He has taught me everything I know about Jesus, the Word and the Father. Without Him, the Word would be so dry, and dull.  Without the Holy Spirit, grace would have no meaning.  He continuously reveals Jesus and His sufficient grace for every situation.  The Holy Spirit brings the wisdom of God with His understanding. The Holy Spirit brings communion, the body and blood of Jesus, to be applied to my soul for physical healing and hope.

The Holy Spirit does not want any recognition or glory for Himself.  He delights in pointing us to Jesus and opening our eyes more and more to understand the finished work of Jesus Christ on our behalf. By the PERSON OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, He   brings us to the throne of Grace through the precious blood of Jesus.  Acknowledging the Holy Spirit in our lives is VERY important.  There is so much more to say, but I will leave with this.  THE HOLY SPIRIT IS GOD TOO!!!!


  1. Yes! What a great post. Still learning about the Trinity and understanding it enough to explain it to children can be challenging. ONe evening Scott and I were doing our family devotions. We are using the book Training Minds::Teaching Hearts. One of the begimning chapters is on the Trinity. I thought of this. (although not an original with me.) I went to the kitchen and pulled out an egg.

    1 egg.
    3 parts.
    Shell. Yolk. Whites.
    Those three things are all seperate things but STILL make up one whole thing. The egg.

    Just like the way we see the ONE Trinity, but htat there are 3 distinct and seperte persons that make up that one.

    I think our 3 & 4 year old understood that. It gave them a visual ... as I broke the egg right there in front of them and showed them each of those three parts. It was neat.

  2. Thanks Bevy. So good to hear from you and for all your help. You are a peach.


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