Sunday, April 15, 2012

Power of Forgiveness

The POWER of God's forgiveness transformed my life. For years I thought because I was a Christian, I was suppose to forgive. It was expected,  but honestly it was so hard.  I constantly condemned myself, because when an offense continued to happen, it was hard to forgive.  It wasn't until I began to realize that only God forgives sin and that I had been forgiven so much,and the only forgiveness I could give was to the measure I believed and received first from God.

It was the most powerful revelation I have ever received.   Sin no longer has dominion over me. I am clothed in the righteousness of His Son.  I am amazed how much the desire is growing in my heart to see others as my Father sees me, FORGIVEN AND IN THE BLOOD OF HIS SON.   There is a real freedom and joy, knowing that I stand under a fountain of forgiveness 24-7 , not only covering my sin, but taking it away, never again to be condemned.
Don't get me wrong, I don't condone sin nor support a sinful lifestyle.  Sin is wrong, and it destroys lives!  But Jesus has overcome the world, our flesh and the devil, and now we can experience victory in areas of our weakness and defeat.

When Jesus died for us on the cross, He bore the punishment for all our sins--past, present and future--once and for all.  This outpouring of forgiveness never stops flowing because Jesus' sacrifice is perfect and for all eternity. So, today, it's not about our self-efforts to earn God's forgiveness, love and grace, but about His perfect sacrifice that has made a provision for forgiveness beyond what you and I can ever do.

You may be wondering, how does knowing the complete forgiveness help us in the midst of our daily challenges  facing us right now? It was very difficult for me, until I believed by faith, that I was a new creation in Christ and that all things became new.

I began to see myself as a new creation, resurrected living on the OTHER SIDE of the cross.  It was one thing to be forgiven because I was sinner, but it was another thing to believe that I stood under a waterfall of forgiveness all day long. God's forgiveness was always available for me.  When I was offended, the blood was there to forgive and heal any wound to my spirit and the Holy Spirit's blessing to release God's forgiveness through me for others.

When we truly believe that we are constantly standing under the waterfall of God's forgiveness, we will dare to come boldly into His presence all the time.  Instead of disqualifying ourselves from His blessings, faith for miracles will arise effortlessly in our hearts-- for the healing we need, or for the restoration in marriages or finances.

We will experience victory over destructive habits and reigns in life because His extravagant grace will change us from the inside out and cause us to want to live for His glory. And we will find ourselves walking in the joy, peace, and freedom that belong to the righteous, like never before! It is NOT natural to forgive, only God can forgive unconditionally, and how the world needs to see God's love through our forgiveness for one another.

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