Friday, May 10, 2013

The color is RED.

Have you ever wondered how our Heavenly Father can possibly sees His children through Christ colored glasses? If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, the following is an amazing story to demonstrate this truth. 

Once there was this farmer, who bought an expensive crate of baby chicks hoping that they would produce abundantly healthy eggs. He diligently cared for his little chicks as they grew to maturity.  However, when they started to lay eggs , the farmer had a serious problem!  For some reason, if one of the hens had any appearance of blood showing, all of the other chickens would start to "peck it to death".  The farmer was so frustrated and could not figure out why this was happening.  He was losing money because the chickens weren't laying eggs like they were suppose to. Then he thought, if the chickens see blood and get all freaked out, why don't I change the light bulbs to red and put red cellophane in the windows? So, the farmer made the entire interior of the hen house, red.  His problem was solved.  It was amazing. The chickens all settled down without any fear of being "picked upon" and his egg production increased immensely

I have often wondered how it must grieve the Holy Spirit  to hear God's children  still "picking on each other".  Were we not purchased at great expense by the blood of Jesus to cover our sins? Yet  at times, we still don't get it.  How gracious and patient God is with us as we continue to mature in His image and likeness. The way we act at times with one another, it is hard to imagine that the Father sees us  "through  Christ colored glasses", but He does, and the color is RED.  Amazing, isn't it. I am very grateful for the mercy and forgiveness of our Lord. He doesn't deal with us as our sin deserves.  We have a great God and a great salvation.


  1. I love this analogy. BTW: Your blog looks great!

  2. Love this story...Praise God for the covering of grace through the blood of Jesus Christ His Son. May we all see each other that way.
    Thanks for sharing Dottie!


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