Friday, September 13, 2013


Many years ago, at a family gathering,  our three year old grand daughter, with her hands on her hips, stood in the middle of the living room floor announced to the world  "I don't want anyone telling me what to do!" Where did that come from?  All the adults were stunned, accept her embarrassed parents. They looked at each others, took their little lady by the hand and said, "God will tell you what to do and you will listen to your mother and father and obey.  Now you go to your room and we will talk about this later."  She left the room with her little head hanging low.  Her self-will pride had just been crushed .  It would not be the last time!

Self-will pride, is it NOT in every human soul?  Our little grand daughter was only acting out what was in her sinful heart.  Our rebellious pride dies hard in all of us, at least it has in me. It will still fight to control  for its right, its opinion, its will, insisting on its own way.   The only power against this pride is to reckon it dead in Christ and walk with humility totally dependent upon our Holy God. Jesus demonstrates this humility to us  as a believer in the garden, when He said to His Father,.  "Not my will, but thy WILL be done." It is not as easy as you think. Jesus sweated blood to do the WILL of the Father.

When I was first born again, I didn't honestly understand the importance of surrendering my will to the Lord.  I wanted to, but, truthfully, it was a bit scary to feel out of control, especially, because I had trusted in own self rule so long.  It took time to grow in the spirit, to know the Lord personally, and to trust Him with my life. Just as when I was a  child, I had to learn to trust and obey my parents.  It didn't happen overnight.  Of course, my parents were not perfect. But the truth is, that my heavenly Father is PERFECT and that there is no one like my "daddy".  His forgiveness, wrapped in His love, is forever engraved in my heart for the Lord Jesus. 

Recently I was in prayer discussing "my will". I was so blessed with His response. "My daughter, I will never break your SPIRIT, but your WILL I must continue to break.  Why do you think that your will is any better than my WILL for you?"  He left me with that question and I have mediated on it for days.  He is right. Why would I ever want my own will, when His WILL is always the best. Now, in the mornings it is so much easier to surrender my will, and to ask Him for His WILL to be done that day.  It is an unmovable peace, eternally placed in the my heart.

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