Thursday, October 31, 2013


One morning , I was reading the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42, when the Lord gave me this revelation.  It is helping me so much and it really is a THOUGHT TO PONDER. You probably know the story and how Martha was busy in the kitchen, while Mary sat at Jesus' feet.  Martha  needs help in the kitchen, but Mary needs help for her soul.  Who is right? Jesus said that Mary had chosen the best portion, which will not be taken away from her. Why did Jesus say a thing like that?  Didn't He care about how much Martha is serving Him working so hard in the kitchen? Of course, He appreciated her efforts, but how much more it would have meant to Him, if Martha first desired was to sit with Mary and cook later? 

I was thinking about this and I thought to myself, "How many times have I tried to serve Jesus myself without even asking what He wants me to do? I just want Him to bless my agenda and hope it is His.  Could many of my works to serve be considered wood, hay and stubble?  That made me sad and I knew I was missing something. Mary was building on gold, silver and precious stone, by first letting the Lord serve her.  Mary wanted a deep relationship with him. 

Learning to walk in the spirit and not in my flesh (old nature) is an every day trial for me. The Lord is so patience, kind and gentle in His ways. I am grateful to be a CHILD of God, because He doesn't expect a CHILD to know everything or to do everything right. Children are learners and I have so much to learn about His ways.

Mary sat at His feet and let Him FIRST serve her.  THAT WAS IT. Her desire was to first sit before the Lord and not be so anxious to do, do do, but to be, be, be with Him, and then she would know what He wanted her to do, do, do.  Did He not say, "even as the Son of Man came NOT TO BE served, but TO SERVE and to give His life as a ransom for many."  (Matthew 20:25-28). 

As the Lord continues to bring His body together in the last day, it will be more and more important for each of us to learn to wait upon the Lord.  Why are we so anxious to serve the Lord, when we don't even know what we wants us to do?  If He is the HEAD and WE are HIS BODY, than how can we do anything that is holy , righteous and good apart from the Head.

 In our physical bodies, it is not the head that tells our body what to do and it responds?  How many times I have found myself running around like a chicken with its head cut off the head, only to find it may have been a good thing, but it wasn't what the Lord wanted me to do. What kind of a foundation am I building upon,gold, silver, gold and precious stone, or wood, hay or stable? A thought to ponder.

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