Sunday, August 19, 2012

Freedom from Shame

I would like to share a very 'special ' story that was sent to me about SHAME.  This dear woman has experienced significant shame in this life, and for many years it became her identity until she received this dream/vision from the Lord that set her free. She tells it in form of a story.  I pray this will be as meaningful to you as it has to me.

"This is a story of a dirty, bruised, ratty looking woman in torn cloths.  She is sitting on the floor of a prison cell with shackles around her neck and feet.  She is thrashing herself against the wall, throwing herself on the floor and hitting herself repeatedly.  A guard comes in and takes her to a courtroom.  She still is picking at her wounds when the judge tells her to look up at him.  Because of her shame she can barely make eye contact, but looks up and as their eyes meet the judge says "You are in contempt of court young lady.  I have sentenced you to freedom, your punishment is over and your sins have been paid for, yet you reject freedom and continue  to punish yourself."  She bows her head feeling even more shame, expecting a new sentencing of harsher judgement.  But the judge says to the guard, "Set her free.  It is for freedom Christ has set you free, now be free!"  The guard walks over and in his hands is a key.  Her eye catches a glimpse of it and she sees it is in the shape of a cross. The guard takes, the key and unlocks the shackles around her neck and feet.  She feels a weight being lifted and she begins feeling a freedom she has never known.  She can breathe and walk, and she can lift her head up and freely move about.  Then the judge says, "Bring her something to eat.  Bring her water to cleanse in and new clothes."   The judge gets down from his bench and helps her wash the dirt away, carefully cleaning each wound.  He helps her remove her dirty and torn clothes, and as she stands there naked the shame rises up again.  He looks at her in her nakedness and says, "Put this on."  She looks and he is holding a beautiful robe like a gown and he wraps it around her.  He combs her hair and pulls it away from her face, while placing a sparkling gold crown crown on her head.  The judge then hands her a slip of paper.  She asks "What is this"?  He says "This is your new sentence.  You are no longer a prisoner, so no longer a slave to sin, no longer unworthy , no longer  rejected and no longer fatherless.  You are being given a new life.  You are being adopted. You are a new creation with a new name, a new father and a new inheritance.  He then invites her to sit and eat with him. He says, "Eat this piece of bread for it is my body broken for you." He then hands her a cup to drink and says, "Take this cup".  As the wine slides down her throat and past her heart she feels a purity like never before. He then hands her a cup of water and says, "Drink this water and you will never thirst again, for it is living water to your soul."  She drinks deeply, shame lifts and love pours in like a river.

I loved that story.  Jesus loves us and will not let shame ruin our lives any more.  We belong to Him and just as He carried us to the cross to deliver us, He will carry us home to be with Him forever.

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